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Page Background

Aster Graphics has some of the industry s most knowledgeable professionals who have the best knowledge and


understanding on the toner cartridge technologies and are passionate about engineering innovation. From the very

beginning of the establishment, Aster Graphics set out a long-term plan on yearly increasing investment into R&D.

By doing so, Aster Graphics can always ensure its customers remain ahead of the competition.


Patents & Innovations

Aster Graphics always lays stress on the research and development of its own patents. We have the best team of 10 in-

house IP engineers which have profound knowledgeable about the toner cartridge patents. We also partner with many

well-known law firms domestically and overseas. Our powerful team of IP engineers dedicating in patent research will

makes sure our products are patent safe.

Till the mid of 2016, 160 patents have been awarded and 45 patents are pending.